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Hurting in high heels? Try this procedure!

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No, we are not talking about wearing comfortable shoes, or reducing the length of your heel. How about getting a trademarked ‘CinderellaProcedure’ that makes your feet narrower so that you can better fit into those heels. Or how about the ‘Perfect 10’ that invisible trims the toes that hangs over the end of the sandals. Yes, you are reading it correct! As reported in the Wall Street Journal, surgeons across the country are now providing ‘Foot face lift surgery’ to help women feel better about their feet and also get into those heels with more comfort!

This trend is not just limited to major fashion meccas of New York and LA. Podiatrist Michael Nirenberg in Crown Point, Indiana reports a strong customer base made up of young women that come in wanting surgery because they want to look their best! “Our business is booming” says Oliver Zong, a podiatrist in New York city.

However, this surgery is not without its risks. There are 26 major bones and 30 joints along with a complex network of nerves and tendons in the feet, which can lead to a lot of complications if things go wrong.


Written by fitinclouds

August 4, 2010 at 12:24 am

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